Infusion IV Therapy can Help with Urgent Care Greeley & Surrounding Communities

From our office in Greeley, Colorado, we, at Infusion IV Therapy, offer cutting-edge IV infusion therapy treatments that create and support your optimal health. Our many wellness therapies include treatments to improve a variety of conditions & disorders.

Among the conditions and disorders that can be treated include -

  • Cold or flu symptoms.

  • Chronic fatigue and energy boosters.

  • Migraines & headaches.

  • Metabolism-boosting, weight loss support.

  • Recovery & Performance.

  • Hangover relief.

  • Anti-aging support.

  • Chronic conditions, like asthma, hypertension or allergies, etc.

  • Immune strengthening.

Our licensed Family Nurse Practitioners, Sheree Montoya, FNP, at 720-338-7691 or Liz Clovers, FNP, at 918-625-4649, are available to answer your questions or email letters. If you prefer, we also provide a contact form on our website to leave a message online.

Directions to our Greeley location are available here.


720-338-7691 or 918-625-4649

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