Infusion IV Therapy Offers Immune System Strengthening & Weight Loss Options Greeley and Neighboring Communities

At Infusion IV Therapy, we offer a variety of infusion therapies as it is our professional objective to meet all of your wellness needs for those residing or working in the Northern Colorado area.

From our location in Greeley, Colorado, we offer cutting-edge IV infusion therapy treatments that create and support your optimal health. Our many wellness therapies include treatments to improve a variety of conditions & disorders.

Two fundamental ways IV infusion therapy can help improve your health is by providing weight loss options as well as other options to strengthen one's immune system.

Immune System Strengthening Options

The immune system strengthening IV infusions are a great option when –

  • You are feeling under the weather or fighting an infection.

  • Flu season is arriving.

  • You want to boost your immune system.

  • You simply want to feel better, among others.

Weight Loss Options

In addition to the above-mentioned immune system strengthening options, we also offer these weight loss IV infusion options –

  • MIC Injections – four weekly injections that include a combination of metabolism-boosting B6, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B1, B2, Hydroxocobalamin, and carnitine.

  • The Get Up & Go – this customized IV therapy rehydrates you while providing B-complex vitamins and amino acids to improve blood flow.

  • The Myers' Cocktail – an intravenous delivery of nutrients and vitamins pioneered during the 1960s that offers comprehensive wellness benefits.

Our licensed Family Nurse Practitioners, Sheree Montoya, FNP, at 720-338-7691 or Liz Clovers, FNP, at 918-625-4649, are available to answer your questions or email letters. If you prefer, we also provide a contact form on our website to leave a message online.


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