IV Infusion Therapy Now Offering DOT Physical Greeley & Surrounding Areas

At Infusion IV Therapy, we offer a variety of infusion therapies as it is our professional objective to meet all of your wellness needs for those residing or working in the Northern Colorado area.

Our nurse practitioners are also approved to provide the Department of Transportation’s DOT Physical exam from our Greeley, Colorado location, and surrounding communities. Are you interested in understanding more about IV Infusion Therapy's wellness services? Check out our online menu of services.

If you are considering scheduling a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam appointment, please reach out to our licensed nurse practitioners, Sheree Montoya, at 720-338-7691 or Liz Clovers at 918-625-4649, or by email. We also provide a contact form on our website if you would prefer to leave a message online.


720-338-7691 or 918-625-4649

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